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Attention: Player reports being dealt with on the forum will receive double punishments.

1) Do not deathmatch

Deathmatching is killing another player without a valid In Character reason. It is strictly prohibited on this server. Minor insults or OOC arguments for example are not accepted reasons to kill and will be considered deathmatching. It is expected of all players to use killing as a last resort when there is no other solution. For this reason, killing will be considered deathmatching even if you have an IC reasons if that reason is a very weak excuse. 

For example, you and another player crash into each other your cars. If you get out and open fire at the other driver it will be considered deathmatching because damage to your vehicle is common and usually an accident. Another example would be if someone insults you and you kill him. You're allowed to teach the guy a lesson, but you're not allowed to kill him unless you're a particularly powerful individual IC and he insults you knowing that. e.g. if you'remafia boss.

The rules of deathmatching are especially strict when it comes to LEO (Law Enforcement Officers). e.g. if a police unit turns their sirens on and orders you to pull over, you can't just gun them down without knowing what they're pulling you over for. If you're armed and they tell you they're going to frisk you and you don't want to get caught, then you're obviously allowed to do something about it, but if they're going to issue you with a ticket you are NOT allowed to kill them.

It should be noted that Spawn Killing is also considered DM. Killing newbies, e.g. low levelled players that continuously punch you, is not allowed either unless they're close to killing you. In that case you are expected to call for a helper or admin via /irc or /report. Players are generally allowed to kill trespassers on their property but only after giving them sufficient time and warning to leave. You cannot kill someone after telling them to leave once. Also, you cannot carry this out on public property.

These examples are only a handful of situations that are common. They are only provided to help you better understand this rule. Just because a certain situation isn't listed here as an example, doesn't mean it's not DM.

120-240 Minutes adminjail
or 24-9999999 hour account ban
or permanent IP ban

2) Do not revenge-kill or return to place of death

Revenge-killing is exactly what it sounds like. It is when a player kills or tries to kill the player than has killed them during a previous conflict without any IC justification. This is not considered acceptable behaviour under any circumstances, even if you're killing someone that deatmatched you. You need a proper reason to kill someone, you cannot kill a player only because you've been killed by him/her.

Returning to the place you died at before the situation has finished is not allowed. Law Enforcement Officers are allowed to return when 10 minutes have passed. If you are not a Law Enforcement Officer, this does not apply to you.

120-240 Minutes adminjail
or 12-72 hour account ban

3) Do not power-game

Power-gaming means to roleplay in a way that is highly unrealistic or unfair in any given situation. For example, when you do roleplay impossibly feats such as lifting a car or resisting arrest against a group of officers that are restraining you it will be considered power-gaming. 

Forcing roleplay on other players, i.e. not letting them respond to your actions, is also considered power-gaming. Players must at all times allow others to participate in roleplay. Therefore any roleplay with an AFK player will be considered power-gaming under most circumstances, e.g. when you try to rob or kidnap an AFK player.

Using a phone or laptop during a gunfight or while being cuffed/tied/unconcious is also considered severe powergaming. This includes using the law enforcement backup system while in injured state. Law enforcement may use /em and /bk in gunfights though.

20-90 Minutes adminjail
Or a warning

4) Do not meta-game

Meta-gaming is mixing and using Out of Character information for In Character purposes. It is strictly prohibited and can be punished severely depending on the situation. An example of meta-gaming would be to read the name tag a player you have never met and calling their character's name IC. This is a minor form of meta-gaming and easily forgiveable, but there will be harsh punishments in case of mixing and meta-gaming through PM. e.g. If someone asks you to come help him get away from the cops, via PM, and you go help him out - that's is meta-gaming from both sides and both parties will be punished.

Using third-party applications such as teamspeak or xfire to call for assistance or guide your friends is also considered metagaming/mixing. You may not use any third-party software to communicate in-character without consent from the management team. Current exceptions are FBI, LSPD, SASF and EMS who may use teamspeak as their radio communication platform.

90-120 Minutes adminjail
Or a warning

5) Do not spawn-kill

Spawn-killing is when a players kills a player that has just spawned. This is not very sporting and is thus prohibited in most circumstances. This rule does not protect players from IC interaction however, and thus they cannot refuse to roleplay in when disadvantaged, i.e. if a cop or rival faction members approaches.

It is generally accepted that this rule is void when a player crashes during a shoot out. See War Rules for mafia war spawn-kill rules.

90-240 Minutes adminjail

6) Do not insult other players

Insulting other members of this community is not allowed. This is a server that is accepting of everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual preference. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun. Though light insults may be understandable and forgivable under certain circumstances, New Life Roleplay management has a strict zero tolerance policy against insulting race, family, religion etc. Any such insults will result in heavier punishments.

Note that disrespectful attitude to or any sort of insults made against the administration will be harshly punished.

Punishments vary from situation to situation.
The admin wages what is reasonable.

7) Do not use any third-party software

Using any third-party software to give you unfair advantage over other players is not allowed under any circumstances. If you have questions about e.g. CLEO mods, speak to an admin to avoid any misunderstandings.

Example of forbidden mods: CLEO (See complete list of allowed CLEO mods below), cam hacks, autoaim and sobeit
Allowed CLEO mods:
- ELM(emergency light mod) - Only allowed for LSPD, LSFD, SASF, FBI.
- 1st person mod
- HP/armour digital mod(displays YOUR OWN HP & armour in digits)

Permanent IP ban

Cool Do not advertise for other servers

Advertising other SA:MP servers in-game or on New Life forums is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate one month IP ban. Repeat offenders will not be welcomed back and will be permanently banned from this community for ever.

If you are unsure in what ways you can discuss other servers contact a member of staff to clear things up.

1 Month IP ban 
or Permanent IP ban

9) Do not encourage rule breaking

Encouraging other players to break server rules is not allowed under any circumstances. All players must follow the rules at all time. Any player that encourages other players to break the rules may be banned or receive twice the punishment of the rule broken. For example, if a player convinces another to non-RPly enter a vehicle while cuffed, both players will be jailed and the player guilty of breaking rule 9 nine will do twice the time in adminjail or have will be suspended twice as long.
Other player's punishment x2
or temporary IP ban

10) Do not driver drive-by (DDB) or park a vehicle on a player

Driver drive-by can be both parking a vehicle on top of another player & shooting with a weapon from the driver's seat. Neither are allowed on this server and will be punished strictly. 

DDB and ramming a player to the ground are not one and the same.
You are allowed to ram another person to stop him from running away. However, ramming a person continuously in order to murder him is not allowed and will be considered at DB.

90-120 Minutes admin jail
Or a warning

11) Do not provoke

Provoking other players without a valid RP reason is not allowed on this server and may be punished harshly depending on the situation. A common example of provoking would be continuously ramming PD vehicles to provoke a chase. Management has made it very clear that players that behave in this manner are not welcome on this server. Repeat offenders may have to look elsewhere for their SA:MP fill.
Provoking by waving a gun around and/or shooting people at random is primarily classed a DM, but also as provoking and will be added to your punishment.

Insulting and startling law enforcement or medical personnel is also considered provoking if there is no proper reason for doing so. Consult an admin or helper if in doubt.
You may insult and startle rival mafia members, but take note that doing so will have IC consequences and if you do not have a proper reason to provoke your rivals you will also be punished according to this rule. You are not required to seek consultation with staff before doing that, but the person you provoke are entitled to an explanation if they ask for it. And you are required to answer truthfully.

Abusing animations to provoke, e.g. dancing, will be punished as well under the circumstances of rule #23.

60-120 Minutes adminjail
Or a warning

12) Robbing / Scamming

Players are allowed to rob a maximum of $500.000 aswell as robbing a maximum of 25.000 guncrafting materials, however this must be roleplayed properly and thoroughly. In case of meta-gaming or power-gaming, the robbery may be deemed invalid. Robbing players under level 4 is not allowed and will result in a ban.

Players are NOT allowed to scam under any circumstances. This includes scamming house, vehicles andillegal materials such as guns and drugs.

You're not allowed to steal(robbing) over 25.000 guncrafting materials while a person is with you in a house or during a deal. If you find an open house/warehouse, you are free to take any amount you wish.

Making promises in OOC chats to e.g. avoid being robbed will not be tolerated. The people involved in the OOC deal will be punished for mixing OOC & IC and NO ONE will receive refunds. If you force someone into an OOC promise, you'll get twice the original punishment. The stuff that dealed with OOC will also be removed!!

This entire scamming rule is also bound to pure OOC deals.

If you're unsure about anything regarding this rule, please contact an administrator.

First offense: 1 week account ban
Second offense: Permanent ban of all player accounts

13) Do not abuse /ad

The /ad command is there for players to advertise their business or sell/buy different items. It may also be used to announce that a company is currently looking for staff.
If you are looking for employment you may also use /ad to advertise for your skills, however such advertisements may not be directed at one company(faction) specificly.
Players may only use /ad strictly for these purposes. It is NOT allowed to provoke other players via advertisement, this goes for both IC and OOC provocation. 

Players are not allowed to openly advertise contraband like guns and drugs. It is permitted however to hide a message in advertisement if done in a creative and clever way, e.g. "Looking for/Selling Good Unused Nike Shoes", or "Looking for/Selling Guns 'n Roses albums".

1 Warning
or 30-120 Minutes adminjail
or Kick

14) Do not spam

Three lines or more with the same message in any chat is considered spam and is not allowed as it disrupts roleplay. Flooding chats will be punished more severely depending on the situation and the message, e.g. spamming during a mayoral speech could possibly even result in an account suspension.
Varies from situation to situation, common punishments are warnings or short jailtimes.

15) Do not mix OOC and IC chat

OOC chat must be done between brackets (using ( to start your sentence). OOC chat taking in IC will not be tolerated. This applies to all IC chats, e.g. chatting about IC related things, such as selling/buying vehicles/business' or recruiting via /pm. Using abbreviations such as "LOL", "OMG", "WTF" or smilies such as "Very Happy", "Sad" will result in a warning.

This rule also applies to doing something OOC for an IC advantage, such as leaving one faction to join another faction for a turf take over or robbery. Doing this will result in harsh punishment.

Varies from situation to situation, common punishments are warnings and short jailtimes.

16) Do not suicide, quit or force timeout to avoid death/arrest/roleplay

It is not acceptable under any circumstances to use /kill or /q to avoid roleplay (this includes arrests) or death. Forcing a timeout is considered abuse and may be a banable offence. In addition, once you are killed you may not use any method whatsoever to avoid the kill list. This is also abuse and will not be tolerated.
120-240 Minutes adminjail + removal of drugs & sellable weapons
or 24-48 hours account ban + removal of drugs & sellable weapons

17) Do not share or mix accounts.

Once created, an account will always belong to the player that created it. Sharing accounts with friends or family members is forbidden. Management has a zero tolerance policy on selling or giving away accounts. Doing this could result in the account being permanently banned and the offended players may be IP banned for a specific amount of time.
1-4 weeks account/IP ban
or Permanent account ban
(if items have been transfered) + removal of transferred items with no refunds.

18) Do not speak foreign languages in public chats.

New Life Roleplay is an English speaking server. While everyone is welcome to join the community, all players are expected to speak English in public chats. Other languages may be spoken in private domains, e.g. a house or another interior (so long as it is in OOC chat) or through the use of use of PMs or group chat.
1 Warning
or Kick

19) Do not roleplay rape without permission from all parties

A player may not roleplay a rape without OOC agreement of all parties. Violating this rule will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
80 Minutes adminjail
or 24 hours account ban

20) Do not heal/re-armor in fights.

Players are not allowed to heal in fights through any means other than the use of drugs. A player may heal only when it is clear they have escaped their enemy. This offence is easily traceable through logs.

If you escape from a fight you are allowed to heal under the following cirumstances:
- You have not been shot at/followed for 1 minute.
- You have killed your enemies.
- You are being treated by an EMS member.
- You are not hiding inside a house where law enforcement is waiting outside. (even if it is for longer than 10 minutes!)

First Aid Kits are not allowed as in-fight measures of gaining health at any time. That may only be used in an RP manner if one of the above listed conditions are met.
This also count for restaurents, houses, vending machines, sprunk machines and other means of gaining HP/armor.

120 Minutes adminjail
Or a temporary suspension

21) Do not avoid the AFK script

Avoiding the AFK script (when you're AFK, you are automatically set to AFK by the server & you cannot get paytimes) by e.g. putting an item on your keyboard for your character to move, or using any kind of bot is not allowed under any circumstances and will be punished severely.
1 week account ban

22) Do not kill inside government buildings without a proper reason

If you do not have a valid reason to kill someone inside the police department (this rule also applies to the area around it, e.g. the police garage, etc.), you will be punished. If you are able to kill your target outside the PD, do so instead. You are advised to ask an admin before killing inside the PD.
This also counts for the special forces base at Ocean Docks, the City Hall, FBI headquarters and All Saints General Hospital at Market (EMS HQ).

It must also be noted that players that abuse this rule by retreating to a government building during a gunfight will not be granted the protection this rule provides. Abusers of this rule may also be punished depending on the situation.

Same as DM.

23) Do not abuse animations, bugs or other malfunctions

Abusing script/GTA SA bugs is strictly forbidden. Script bugs should be reported in the right section on the forum. Money bugs should be forum PMed to reNNix. Sharing any knowledge regarding exploitable bugs will result in the same punishment. If you are unsure whether you might violating this rule contact an admin.

In addition, you are not allowed to use /fall or other animations to hide inside walls so that you can not be found in e.g. a gunfight or turf takeover.
Using /dance or other animations to provoke players should also be avoided and is considered abuse in most circumstances.

3-7 Days IP ban
or Permanent IP ban

24) Do not sell items for real money & do not sell real things with IG money

NL management has a strict policy against selling in-game items for real money and vice versa. Clearly put, houses, vehicles, and in-game money cannot not be tranfered between players for non-ingame items.
Permanent account ban
or Permanent IP ban

25) Do not abuse OOC chats

OOC chat during a roleplay situation without a proper reason is not allowed. Regardless of any rules broken, players must stay IC at all times. If there is a genuine believe a rule has been broken players must report it after the roleplay situation has concluded and NOT during. e.g. if you believe a LEO abuses their commands during roleplay, you must stay in character and forum report the LEO after all has been said and done.
1 Warning
or what the admin feel is suitable

26) Do not abuse enter/exit

Abusing /enter and /exit at a business or a house to avoid getting arrested/killed is against the rules and will not be tolerated. This, however, does not mean that you are not allowed to hide in your house or faction HQ, though abusing this at, e.g. the paintball business isn't allowed nor is abusing /enter and /exit at business during a robbery to avoid being caught.
60 minutes adminjail
or 1 Warning
or Verbal warning

27) Refusing to RP/non-RP

All players are required to roleplay at all times and are expected to roleplay within the boundaries of the ruleset. This means players may not refuse to RP or behave in a non-RP manner under any circumstances. Failure to respond to /do's and /me's are taken as you refusing to roleplay. 

To avoid non-RP behaviour players are encouraged to RP similarly to how they would behave in real life. 
A common example of non-RP behaviour would be driving on the wrong side of the road for no justifiable In Character reason (fleeing the cops for example would be a good reason to do this, but doing this out of boredom is not!)

Another example of non-roleplay behavior/refusing to roleplay would be ignoring another player's /me and /do commands deliberately in the same situation. Running away from a person who is arresting/mugging you while they're either attempting to/currently beating you up will be non-roleplay/refusing to roleplay. You must respond to /me and /do commands.

If you are downed and in injured/death state you will have the /acceptdeath command available. This may be used at all times or instantly, however some exceptions apply;
You may not use the /acceptdeath command if there is an EMS or law enforcer attempting to apply first aid to you or you are being mugged while being injured/dead.
If someone is roleplaying with your corpse or injured body, you must let them and answer their /do or /me commands.
You are, however, allowed to roleplaying dying if you are just injured. But let the person who did it/is roleplaying with you finish what they're doing.

If you are roleplaying being dead, you are dead. Do not suddenly be alive if a friend comes around to save you. You may get revived by an EMS or someone who does CPR on you, though. (if you haven't been shot in the face - be reasonable)

Robbing another player in highly populated areas is also considered non-roleplay as you would never pull out a gun and mug a stranger right outside of a central bank or police station in real life. You must either lure your victim into an alley or put a gun to his back, secretly hidden under your shirt while telling him where to go.

Punishments for players who are level 10 and above:
If an admin decides you know too little about RP(including OOC & IC, etc), you will be forced to learn the basics. A helper will help you out.
If you deliberately refuse to roleplay or deliberately form Non-RP actions an admin may punish you however he believe is suitable.
Punishments for players who are under level 10(unless the player owns another account that is 10+):
If an admin decides you know too little about RP(including OOC & IC, etc), you will be forced or advised to learn the basics. A helper will help you out if you wish.
or ajail 15-90

or Kick
or Verbal warning

28) Gambling

Players are not allowed to gamble for anything worth more than $10.000.000 at once under any circumstances.
Punishments for all participants of the gamble:
All of the money / item gambled will be permanently erased from the server without anyone getting any refunds.
All players which participated in the gamble worth over $10m will get a warning & 120 minutes of jailtime each.

29) OOC extortion/lying

Players are not allowed, under any circumstances, to use OOC threats against another player to receive something. e.g. it is NOT allowed to demand a player to gives you money under the threat of being reported for a rule they have broken if they don't.

It is furthermore against the rules to lie to other players when reporting them or being questioned of in character against prior to a report.
If a player is asking you why you've done X or Y to them because they are in doubt, you must answer truthfully. Lying to get someone punished/to not be punished as result of a report is strictly against the rules.

Punishments for all participants of the gamble:
All of the money/items extorted will be removed from the extortioner and refunded.
The extortioner will receive a minimum (IP) suspension of 7 days.

30) Ban Evading

It is under no circumstances allowed to evade an IP ban.
If you are caught evading your ban, you will be permanently banned without the possibility to appeal.

If you are account suspended you are, however, allowed to play on an alternative account.

Punishments for evading:
Permanent suspension of accounts and/or IP bans.


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