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F1) Faction Kills

Faction Leaders can not be faction killed if they have not held their position for more than 2 weeks.
But: Faction owners / leaders (Godfather) may factionkill anyone at any time for any reason. OOC kicks do not count as FK. Admin uninvite does count as a FK.

To faction kill(FK) your leader, the co-leader, and 3rd in charge(Consig, ..) needs to be in on it, and be present during the FK.
You will also need approval from the head of illegal factions(for mafias) or head of legal factions(for GOV/LSPD/FBI/SASF/SDC) admin to go through with the FK. You are advised to get approval BEFORE you FK the leader. Bear in mind you need a VERY valid reason to FK a leader & permissions will not be handed out often or easily.

The FBI & SASF however (with head admin+ accordance) may faction kill anyone at anytime for any given reason and does not have to respect the previously mentioned rules before executing a faction kill.

F2) Faction Leadership

Faction Leaders may not sell their factions. They must be passed on to their co-leader, or another member of the faction.

Before passing the top rank on to someone else, the new leader NEEDS to be approved by the head of illegal factions(for mafias) or head of legal factions(for GOV/LSPD/FBI/SASF/SDC) - BEFORE giving the top rank away.

Punishments for passing the faction on to someone without approval:
One or both t0 removed & the faction will be given to someone else,
or Faction wipe/shutdown

Punishments for selling a faction:
Both leaders will be removed.
The money used to buy the faction will be removed & there'll be no refunds.

F3) Faction Leaders

Faction Leaders may be removed by a Lead Admin at any time. The leader may not demand an explanation.
Faction Leaders who have not been online for 3 days will be removed. If they're excused/notified admin team, they may be inactive for up to 7 days.

F4) Faction Businesses

Faction Businesses may not be sold or traded.
Faction Businesses may be moved if a lead admin agrees.
If the leader of a faction leaves, the Faction Businesses will be moved to the next leader.

F5) Faction Tiers

A mafia may not have more than 2 members with tier 0 (LEA 4).
A mafia may not have more than 4 members with tier 1 (LEA 6).
Players must not have more than 1 account with tier 0.
Players must not have more than 2 accounts with tier 1.

You must have a proper IC reason to give somebody a new tier. Setting them to tier 1 so they can use a sniper for a certain situation may result in you being removed from your leading position.

F6) Faction Surnames

Family Surnames will not be given to members without tier 0.
Only donators can get a full namechange when they reach tier 0.
Regular players will only get a surnamechange when they reach tier 0.

If you get demoted and you still have a family surname, request a surname change from a lead admin or a lead admin may contact you to change it. OR You may keep your family surname if you've been demoted if your family leader allows you to. If you are kicked from the faction, you must change your surname.

F7) Law Enforcement Officers

Law Enforcement Officers may not use barriers to completely seal off a building. They need to let criminals have a chance to escape.
Law Enforcement Officers may not re-jail someone, who's already jailed. There's a reason the 25 minutes limit is there.
If a suspect is co-operating, and willing to RP, they must allow them to at least walk to the car. If the suspect doesn't co-operate, Law Enforcement Officers may force them in the car with /get - without having to RP.

F8) Powerranking

You are not allowed to promote e.g. your friends just because they're your friends. Promotions have to be deserved IC.
Your friend joins your faction & you instantly promote him to a high rank(e.g. Capo, consig).

F9) Faction Closure

You are not allowed to close your own faction unless asking permission from the head of your respective faction class.
No are you allowed to wipe your faction at any point during your leadership unless permitted by the head of your respective faction class.

If you are found doing any of the above mentioned actions, you will no longer be allowed to receive a tier 1 or tier 0 position, and your account will be suspended for a duration of seven days.


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