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Official Board Rules

  1. No languages except English is allowed on public boards.

    • There are few exceptions where you may use foreign languages.
      The exceptions are the designated threads in this board and forum private messages.

  • No flaming or insulting other members.

    • This includes discrimination of other members based on their religious or political beliefs as well as discrimination of other members' sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
    • If you're found flaming or discriminating other members, you may be punished according to the extend of your flame or discrimination. Punishment varies and will be judged by the attending moderator or administrator.

  • No spamming

    • It's simple - avoid posting in threads just to raise your point count and gain activity.
      Spamming includes posting in old threads even if you're posting on-topic.
    • Examples of spam are:

      • Nice story!
      • I agree!
      • +1
      • ok ...

  • No adult content on public boards

    • No content unsuitable for minors are allowed on our public boards at all.
    • This includes closed faction boards, but not private messages.

  • Do not post illegal content on public boards

    • Posting links to torrents or otherwise illegal material or software is strictly prohibited and will result in a termination of your account.
    • Blatant encouragement to download, share or use illegal material or software is also strictly prohibited.

  • Do not troll or derail threads

    • Refrain from posting troll threads or post, and refrain from going off-topic.
    • Troll threads and posts will not be tolerated at all, especially not in official threads such as announcements, reports, appeals and the liking.

  • Do not encourage rulebreaking

    • Encouraging players to break our official rules will get your suspended for twice the punishment if a players is caught breaking a rule you encouraged them to break.

  • Read the set rules for the specific board you're using

    • Make sure you're always following the board rules. Some boards may have additional rules.
    • That also mean that the IC section must be respected and OOC/IC must be seperated according to our game rules.

  • Keep your signature below the height of 250px

    • 250px should be more than enough to have a decently looking signature.
      If you're caught with a way too big signature, and get told to resize it you must do so.
    • If your signature is found breaking this rule extensively or you repeatedly break this rule, your right to having a signature will be revoked.
      You may receive the right to use signatures again, but rarely.

      • No Kill Lists in signatures
      • No content that may provoke other players, e.g. racism or politically provocative.

  • No advertising what so ever

    • You may not post links or videos advertising for other communities on this board.
    • According to our server rules, it is not allowed to trade IG items for OOC items or vice versa. Therefore you may not advertise for such trade on the forum either.

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