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General Notes:

  • Do not ask admins to move your house/business/HQ in-game or to check your application for a house/business/HQ move or reports & ban appeals. (applies to the forum, server, TS, IRC & XFIRE)

  • You may not contact admins anywhere outside the forums/game, unless they allow you to do so.

  • Administrators are here to enforce server rules & assist players with issues. Listen to them & their instructions.

  • Revenge Rulebreaking is not allowed under any circumstances - doing so will get you jailed the same time as the original offender.

  • All your items save if you quit. Guns & Toolkits excluded.

  • Any kind of Mapping Contribution to Italy Mafia automatically gives Italy Mafia the right to use, publish, remap, release the given maps.

  • If you do not log in for more than 14 days, you lose: Houses / Businesses. In most cases you will NOT receive a refund.

  • You are not allowed to ask to become a helper/admin/leader. Admins decide that.

  • Famous names are not allowed, unless an admin has given you permission to use one.

  • Admins have the right to kick you if your ping is above 400ms or if your ping(even if under 400) causes trouble to other players.

  • The max jail time is 120 and 240 for forum reports (read more - CLICK). If an admin needs to give you another punishment(from e.g. forum reports), you will be time suspended(tsuspended) instead & your jail time will not be removed.

  • Do not spam. Three lines or more with the same message sent within 30 seconds in any chat is considered spam.

  • The tazer can only be abused in the following ways:

    • You get tazed while participating in a gunfight. Law Enforcement members ARE allowed to taze you if they e.g. sneak up from behind, even if you are in a gunfight.
    • You keep getting tazed when you exit a building/vehicle.
    • You keep getting tazed when you spawn.
    • If a cop followed you somewhere, and you then tab after having lost him only moments (consult admin) ago, he may taze you as soon as you tab back. You are not allowed to tab during/to avoid RP/arrest.

All the punishments above may differ, it all depends on the situation & if you're a known rulebreaker.
Any violation can be punished with a warning (/warn) - it's up to the given administrator to decide.


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